No. 1

So I have dabbled with the idea of creating a blog for a while, but have never got round to it. That is until now I have a job, weird right? Somehow my post-uni life of getting a job and a flat with my girlfriend has lead to me having more time than I used to, still unsure why… My new job is as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, which is great, but being a male in this role has given me a different perspective mainly because I am the only TA guy in a primary school overflowing with oestrogen. Of course this is exactly what I expected, but it is still weird. One of the annoying elements of the job so far is  something that could be considered pretty unimportant; when in meetings with the rest of my fellow TA colleagues, it is pretty common for the person in control of the meeting or a peer to refer to the rest of the group as ‘girls’, for example phrases like ‘Hi girls, how are we all doing?’ or ‘is everyone here girls?’. I fully accept that my personality isn’t what you would call Bruce Willis or that of Mr Neeson, but when I am sitting in the middle of the group, it cannot be hard to see that I am a male? And so I thought a blog to express my experiences wasn’t a bad idea, has anyone else had such issues in their schools? Here is a picture of me (metaphorically) in one of the meetings.


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