School = life? Or vice-versa?

I graduated from University in July and something that has stuck with me since then apart from wanting to go back and do it all over again, has been a quote from Adrian Holliday (Doing and Writing Qualitative Research, 2002) on how the culture of the school reflects the culture of the outside world. Going back to my first post a few days ago, I have thought about what people would say or think if a man walked into a room and greeted everyone “Hi boys”, even if there was one or two women present. In a way it feels weird that our society has seemed to accept that men do not work in Primary schools and I personally have not seen any incentives to alter this belief. How could we change the way that education is seen to increase the percentage of men in Primary education?

This idea links back to something that has bugged me a little since March 2013; the release of Robin Thicke’s song ‘Blurred Lines‘… There was uproar from some feminists at my University and they called for it to be banned from being played on campus due to it glamourising ‘rape culture’, a notion which was later voted upon and denied. I agree the video could be seen as derogatory to women but the girls were paid and agreed to take part, so what is the issue? Later on in 2013 Beyonce released a song ‘Drunk In Love‘, which I unashamedly do enjoy (a real belter for the shower), and she was praised for being a feminist/independent women after releasing this song etc. But I cannot help thinking when I listen to it that if Robin Thicke or another male pop star sang this song then they would be shot down by feminists/society/the media/the Pope/Barrack Obama (the list goes on). I acknowledge that it probably seems normal to refer to the other TA’s as a collective as “the girls” due to the low number of male TA’s in schools, but I think there would be uproar in a situation involving a large group of males and only one female if this happened.

Gender inequality is something that society struggles with and probably will always be an issue, and I do know there are many organisations where white, middle class men are the directors/managers etc and women are ostricised, but I work in education, which some would say is where a child’s values can be partially developed?


8 thoughts on “School = life? Or vice-versa?

  1. You certainly are rare; perhaps even more rare than the male primary teacher. I can imagine it is grating being collectively referred to as girls. In my experience, and as I expect you’ll come to find, although you are a minority you will benefit massively from being a man in your job (as do most men, in our society). You’re biggest problem, I mystically predict, is that many presumptions will be made about you – if you have been encouraged to do sport with the kids, support the naughtyboys or fix somebody’s computer, you’ll know what I mean. I am reeeeeally interested to read your experiences.

    Brief note on Blurred Lines – it is bluntly sexist and glamorises rape; the ‘Blurred Lines, I know you want it’ is essentially a man choosing the consent of the woman he wants to … befriend. It is an example of awful lyrics and a waste of an obscenely brilliant beat.

    Are you on Twitter?


    1. Thank you for the comment! It can be at times yes and some of my experiences in the staff room have been interesting to say the least. I could imagine that. Yes there has been a few of them made already and it probably doesn’t help that I graduated with a degree in Physical Education (but I am not the macho sport type that people often associate with this), and I am part of the ICT curriculum team at my school which was my choice out of the select teams available. I have also been assigned to one of the worst behaved pupil in one of the classes I help in…you have got some mystical talent there. Thank you, I look forward to reading your work too.

      It could mean that true, but he apparently wrote it about his wife (who knows if this is true or not), I just think in comparison to what was already released at the time the lyrics weren’t particularly worse. But I do agree with the beat being fantastic.

      I am, my username is 50shadesofcraig although I do warn you only some stuff relates to school…but more than happy for a follow!

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  2. I found your blog from your comment on the “community pool”- I love your style of writing and so I have given you a follow!, What you’ve written about definitely needs raising and I found it rather interesting! 🙂

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  3. I have always wondered why there aren’t more men in primary education, and yet you find the numbers evening out by high school, and reversing at the university level. If you’re ever in need a post idea, you might want to think about writing a post about why you chose to go into primary education given that so few men do. Just an idea.

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