To Insta, to Insta not

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This week back after half-term has been absolutely manic, like ridiculous. Has everyone found that this week or is it just me?!

Just the other day, the school bell had gone for the start of the day. I stood there waiting, listening to the impending sound of feet running down the corridor before they burst through the doorway. A flurry of greetings and a number of pupils blanking me completely followed, and then I was asked a strangely interesting question for 8:48am; “Sir, can I follow you on Instagram?” My immediate response was, “No you cannot!” but this stuck with me for the rest of the day and made me think…

Would allowing some interaction on social media like Instagram be beneficial to the student-teacher relationship? It is very easy to say, “NO! NEVER!” and in many ways this is 100% true. But on media platforms like Instagram where the only thing posted up is pictures and a small amount of information, is it possible that it would help pupils to respect their teachers more if they could view their lives on a day-to-day basis? If they saw what teachers got up to outside of the school walls and that they did not sleep in the classroom cupboard, and that we are actually normal people with lives, could that make our lives easier inside the classroom? It is a tricky line to cross because of all the internet dangers/pedophilia in the modern world, and the last thing I would want cluttering up my Instagram page is comments and likes off school kids, but if they were to view the pictures could it help?

As I write this, I am reflecting more and more, which is kind of a nice thing to let my thoughts ramble… Maybe a session on a Monday to discuss what we have been up to over the weekend and show any images would help? Or would it just fuel more class disruptions? I am unsure really on the whole thing to be honest, so any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

Also, if you are a user of Instagram (which is favourite social media at the moment) then check out my page, 50shadesofcraig!


5 thoughts on “To Insta, to Insta not

  1. I have a couple teachers on my facebook, I added them because I was curious about what a teacher does outside of school, there’s only one who actually uses it xD but sometimes I worry about what a teacher would see instead of the other way around (I have no idea how instagram works though)


  2. definite no! Why? because you’d have to filter what you post. Night of drinking and fun, probably not a good thing for the students too see… I’m not one for filtering myself to that point. My facebook has family my twitter and instagram do not. Twitter was just recently restarted please follow if interested @itaintsocommon. I’m sure I’ll give you a few laughs 🙂


    1. I can definitely see your point of view, that wouldnt be a good thing. I was just interested in whether it would/could command more respect… But was interesting to refelect on the possibility. Ok I will check it out, thank you for the comment!


  3. I can see where your coming from- it’s an easy mistake to forget teachers genuinely have a life outside of school! Watching what you post constantly kinda defeats the object of the sites and at the same time, they’re pupils not friends. But I totally get where you’re coming from, it was rather thought provoking reading this !

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