Can I make the cake and eat it?


Last weekend I thought I would make some cakes ready for my lunch to take to school for the coming week and due to my girlfriend being wheat intolerant, I made them with gluten free flour (which is another story in itself). For any anti-glutenists out there who want to recipe, I used 200g caster sugar, 200g butter, 200g gluten free self-raising flour, 3 large eggs, white chocolate chip chunks and pieces of dried raspberry, as well as some interesting icing sugar that I have never used before to make some strawberry milkshake flavoured buttercream. We were both fairly pleased with the outcome; those of you who have baked cakes using this type of flour probably know that the results are variable! But then here comes the real ‘ba-doom-boom’ of the story…

Never used this before. but the idea of this is rather sweet (do not mind the pun).
Never used this before. but the idea of this is rather sweet (do not mind the pun).

I took them to school the following day and when I whipped one out in the staffroom the smell of milkshake seemed lure some peoples noses my way. “Did you make them yourself?” asked one woman. Before I could answer, another female TA said, “They smell good! Did your girlfriend make them?” I politely replied that I made them and said thanks for the compliments. In a way I was not shocked by the comments, I kind of expected it. I did think the emergence of male bakers like Paul Hollywood and the fact that many TV chefs are male would maybe alter perceptions, but alas no.

Today I was on some training and part of it was based upon ‘Being Inclusive’, which is something I studied as part of my degree and I did think it was common knowledge to know what the word means, but some ideas that my colleagues had were not what you would call ‘thoughtful’. This train of thought led me back to the events in the staffroom on Monday and made me question how people can teach others to be inclusive if they are not inclusive themselves. The rules that are enforced upon pupils should be adhered to by staff surely? I had to tell a male child off last week because on the way to their school swimming lesson, they made comments about someone who was causing a hold up on the road; “Their probably a woman. They can’t drive.” and if one of the many female staff had heard this, they would of hit the clouds, let alone the roof. So should I have hit the roof at the comments made towards my cupcakes?


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