Honestly great Honest Burger

I have not always been the biggest fan of burgers. I mean I ate them every so often, but you know when you are looking at the menu in a restaurant, I never used to give it too much of a glance. But alas, in November came the defining moment in my burger-eating career. My girlfriend and me were celebrating 3 years together and decided to visit Camden. We were looking for a place to eat at and then we saw a burger restaurant; initially I wasn’t overly excited but then she told me that it was a place that food bloggers “rave” about. When I found out she meant metaphorically rave rather than physically rave I was more than happy to give it a go, especially as it was getting busier and busier. And so we entered into Honest Burgers…

IMG_6201 IMG_6200

To have the choice of how you want your burger cooked was revolutionary for me. I have always found burgers in restaurants to be a little dry and overcooked, but the news that this was not the case at this mighty fine establishment was a bunful of joy! Although it may look a little suspicious to some, I am a medium-rare-kind-of-steak-guy and it was “the best burger I have ever had” (Me, 2014).

I know what you are thinking, that bun is shiny huh? And this photo is genuinely unedited.

I then found out that they had multiple restaurants in London and when searching for a place to eat at, it was one of the first websites we visited. We visited their Kings Cross location and safe to say it was just as fantastic as the first visit, possibly made better by watching the story of how they came to be (I recommend a view), and understanding the whole concept of their idea. I went for a Cheese and chose Red Leicester and it was served with Rosemary Salted Chips, and I would most definitely suggest this to burger lover or first-time burgerer. In fact the whole experience was great, so great I have wrote this blog post about it. Now go, and get yourselves a burger my friends!

What is a day out without a selfie?
What is a day out without a selfie?


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