New Year, new me? Probs not

I have never been a believer in New Year resolutions. Always the same ones each year and I imagine if people were successful in their annual pilgrimage to be better then there would be new ones that crop up on the 1st January. Also, I joined the gym in October, so I am sure that counts for something, right?

Our school starts again on Wednesday and I imagine everyone will be the same as when they left, possibly a little podgier and undoubtedly increasingly bored of turkeys and roast dinners. I am being moved from the Year 5 class that I was in for the majority of the time to a Year 4 class on a permanent basis *insert sound of violins here* but this isn’t all bad, I was in this class for just under half my time last term, so I am familiar with the kids already. It is strange though, I feel quite nervous about going back as the class have a new teacher who has just joined our school… He seems like a nice guy but due to my role going above and beyond that of most Teaching Assistants, it won’t be long before I am teaching elements of lessons on my own, so I feel a bit unsure about what this new term holds for me. I have been teaching groups inside and outside of lessons already and been left in charge of the class on my own, dismissing them the odd time at the end of the day, but I get the feeling that this term is a make or break period for me. I will hopefully hear back about my Schools Direct application soon and from this my responsibilities will increase further I assume (depending on my success I guess).

So I haven’t got a resolution, just a little apprehensive as to what is in store for me… I realise that this post is probably only a 3/10 excitement-wise (maximum) but stay tuned and I hope there will be much more interesting teaching-related news to come!

And here is a picture of a cat made from an orange.

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