Silence is golden, but can it work?

2367This term I have moved classes and I am now permanently based in a Year 4 class. I was in this class for at least a 1/3 of my week last term but now I have had to leave my Year 5’s, genuinely a heartbreaking moment, but they still cheer me as I walk in their class to pick up children for interventions and swamp me at lunchtime like a box of E numbers…so not all bad. I am now in with one of the new teachers that started a couple of weeks ago, and all in all, things are pretty sweet! It has been rewarding to see how someone else teaches and handles a troublesome class, and one of the stand out things (asides from him supporting Liverpool like moi) has been his temperament. He doesn’t ever scream or shout at the class, very different to my previous Year 5 teacher and it seems to work. I am not a shouter by any fathoms of the universe and this is one thing that has scared me a little before I made the decision to apply for Teacher Training, and is still one thing that makes me nervous when thinking about handling my own class. Seeing silence work in controlling a class and not having to lose my voice is fantastic. I have used it before when taking football training at school on my own but this was slightly easier because I felt that they wanted to be there rather than not having much choice over whether they attend school or not?

This is just in time for my School Direct interview tomorrow; I feel so much more confident knowing that it is possible to be a teacher without having to reinvent myself too much! It also helped that I took our classes P.E. lesson today because our P.E. teacher wasn’t in, and I ended up controlling it whilst the class teacher took up the TA role. To be trusted so soon and so much was refreshing, giving me a perfect example of what it could be like to be a teacher and you know what? I think I like it!

(Full credit to Blogger, interrupted… for the picture)


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