Male Toilets – the “dumping” ground

A couple of weeks ago we had a staff meeting run by a local author and he made a comment on the fact there was 4 males in the room, and what a surprise this was. He then proceeded to show a few PowerPoint slides of his experiences of mens primary school toilets causing a few chuckles, especially an image of a life-size Jesus figure in one… but I still did not fully believe that is was that really an issue I would ever see.

As life goes and all that, this changed the following week. I had my interview for a School Direct placement and had an internal maths/english test to complete at a local school. This proved fairly challenging not only because it was a test but because I needed to go toilet from the moment I got in there! Some would call this the ultimate dilemma as far as ‘testing’ situations go…

So I then asked once I had finished where the toilets were and strolled around the corner to find what was a metaphorical Godsend of a sign (the mens toilet man). I entered. I surveyed the sites and saw there was only two cubicles in said toilet and that one was ‘engaged’. I walked into the empty lavatorical room and relieved my bladder. Then I turned and was washing my hands when I was realised what I had been sharing this small area with…

Don't be fooled by my phones panoramic capabilities, this room really was tiny.
Don’t be fooled by my phones panoramic capabilities, this room really was tiny.

A tool trolley, cleaning thing. Now excuse me for being forward thinking, but how can this set-up be either practical or appealing to anyone working in the school or visiting the school?! Maybe it was not a permanent feature of their restroom, maybe I was unlucky? But after the staff meeting the week before I am inclined to think it could be something that happens in the isolated rooms that are male primary school toilets. So many questions, most of them beginning with WHY! If this happened to ‘the girls room’, I am fairly sure there would be an uproar about it, so how can it be okay the other way round? I know this may seem trivial and I am fully aware it is, but I just don’t like it, not one bit.


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