Granola bar sized hurdles

So my girlfriend and I have been on a bit of a health drive recently, kickstarted and fuelled entirely by Deliciously Ella and the thoughtful purchase as a present to my other half. We have made a range of dishes; full meals, snacks, side dishes, but one we have been enjoying lots is making our own granola bars. Call us 21st Century kids but a lunch is not a lunch if it doesn’t include a cereal bar of some variety! Due to my girlfriend being wheat intolerant she cannot eat many varieties of cereal bars and so making our own was a cracking option. She made a batch one week and then I was left in charge to make some the following week (which she later regretted due to my ‘rough’ measurements and mess I made). Naturally I thought it was the perfect thing to photograph.

"Mighty fine focus on the foreground" I hear you say? Not me, just my iPhone.
“Mighty fine focus on the foreground” I hear you say? Not me, just my iPhone.

I was happy with the outcome; a dash of dark chocolate, a smattering of white chocolate, a pinch of cranberries, a bucket of raisins and a couple of pecan nuts. If anyone is familiar with Ella’s recipes then you will know she is “cray-cray” for healthy edible items and the rest of the recipe does back this claim up I can assure you.

The next day I proudly pulled one out in the staffroom. The smell of bananas was the first thing to hit my cold-ridden/bunged up nostrils and so I could only assume this would waft down the table towards my peers.

“They smell nice, did you make them yourself?”

Yes I did actually.

“Oh…very nice whats in them?”

(I reeled off a list of the ingredients like a walking talking pack of granola bars)

“Sounds lovely and healthy, but the other day you ate a cake? And now you are eating healthy homemade cereal bars?”

Well you see, everyone needs to eat a balanced diet, so you can eat cakes etc if you want to.

“Hmm, I guess so (at this point I realised she did not agree whatsoever) but still you ate a cake and now them, seems strange to me…”

I reiterated my point about balanced diets but she was not having any of it. I am not saying I know everything about nutrition, but I did do a P.E. degree which partly looked at such things… It annoyed me that she was insistent on the matter. I like to think that I can take onboard another point of view and this helps me, but she evidently was off-board in the darkest depths of the ‘food sea’. Maybe it was her age? Maybe her background as she is from Cyprus which is a different culture to London? Maybe she does not like me enough to believe me?


Here are some I wish I made earlier, and healthy too *cough cough
Here are some I wish I made earlier, and healthy too *cough cough

2 thoughts on “Granola bar sized hurdles

  1. Ridiculous that she makes it seem like you can’t enjoy whatever food you like, especially if you know that you’re keeping yourself healthy. Let her think what she likes, smile and nom on. I’m quite envious that you’ve found the motivation to bake up healthy goods, hopefully this week sees me starting a bit more of a healthy diet. Too many Easter eggs have been had!


    1. It is a bit, I do still enjoy it a lot and don’t worry about what some people say, just a bit strange that people are a bit like it? Don’t you worry I will do Vanessa 🙂 haha I’m sure you can do it, especially if you have time off over Easter? Very early for Easter eggs! Hope things are good!


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